An excellent assessment of the BAR in Oregon, and a very well constructed argument as to why Mizz Kate must go, and take the BAR with her!!!

A letter of response between 2 very smart and awake patriots concerning the biggest problem in existence. The BAR and the criminals in charge.

Ed, listen carefully. I successfully sued the BAR here in Oregon, over two years ago, so that part is a DONE DEAL.
My next goal is to expose the BAR exactly as you suggested, and I know most of what your saying, but the BAR is a social association more or less as well as professional association that has no business in invading our legislative branch, and now our executive branch of our government by putting our new
Governor in office to replace John Kitzhaber to be replaced
by Kate Brown, a known bisexual whose married as well.
What is important is that Kate Brown is an active member of the BAR and she get's her membership fee's paid for by State law out of the Secretary of States office, and she has been feeding at the public trough for so long she hasn't actually practiced
law since 22 or more years ago. So my question of the day is: Why are the people of Oregon paying for her free membership to
the BAR at $579.00 a year? So she does have a direct conflict of interests don't you think? She's a flake by that measure right off the bat. She's an active member of the BAR, an indirect extension of the DOJ, as well as the Chief executive officer of the State of Oregon, another conflict of interests. Now that is a direct indicator of a TRUE conflict of interests, and since she is a BAR member with ties to the DOJ, and then the CEO of Oregon, her conflicts of interests are simply astounding, along with her ever so slightly strange marriage. The very first law she signed was to give money to the BAR supposedly to help the poor people of Oregon with Legal AID from
recently graduated law school students, and this legal aid program is operated by the Oregon State BAR. Another
conflict of interests as she had a hand in getting the bill,
HB 2177 passed into law here in Oregon, the poor people of
Oregon she must have been thinking of are the recent law
students don't you think that is another conflict of interests?, and there are sure to more to come soon
enough. It is never without risk to out corruption in high places, put living under such corruption is an even greater
Eric Rhodes