The following letter was written and sent to city attorney, Daniel Achison by Richard Koenig including Mr. Achison's arrogant in your face response which is no surprise coming from the criminals these corporate thugs really are.

Dear Mr. Achison:
Excuse me, but I am getting more confused as the emails keep coming.

I used to think that Article 1, Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution that says government was founded on the authority of the people, meant that the people get to petition government for redress of grievance, or at least that it was supposed to provide for the peace, safety and happiness of the people. Now I am not sure what to think, I can't even expect a record of the law that is enforced in traffic court every day provided for my inspection.

Do you refer people to a particular Office, or maybe a person, for this purpose? Surely someone knows somebody, somewhere, who is in a position to help me move beyond this confusion.

Or is it possible that EACH and EVERY agent of the City of Salem, including, but not limited to: City Council, Officer Barrett of Internal Affairs, the lying son of a bitch, Steve Bellshaw, and the Muni Court Judge Aiken are all involved in the racketeering that Bellshaw has now reassured me the cops are involved in?

And here's a detail on that: Police Chief, Jerry Moore has asserted to me personally that he does not know from where his authority to delegate authority to ticket the general public comes from (August 3, at the Keizer public meeting wherein he appeared to share concerns with the public).

Allow me to do the talking. Unless I hear from you to the contrary, within one week, that's next Tuesday, I will be compelled to conclude that EACH and EVERY agent of City of Salem has been advised by council to remain silent in regard to the racketeering that "everybody" (within City of Salem) is involved with.

The nexus of the criminal enterprise is that untold amounts of cash have been stolen from the general public, under the pretext that some unspecified law says everybody must pay for a license, title and registration for their vehicles, motor vehicle fuel tax, parking, motor vehicle insurance AND be subject to all of the provisions of the Vehicle Code. This is in spite of ORS 153.039 that very particularly says: "... an officer may stop any employee, agent or representative of a firm, corporation or other organization it the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the firm, corporation or other organization has committed a violation" and shake them down in a manner consistent with the way "owners and operators of motor vehicles" are.

About my "comments" at City Council: I have not really been making "comments" except to say that Mayor Peterson looked stunning the other night. What I have been doing is seeking a public record, the most recent request was for the record that provides authority for Steve Bellshaw to arrest me for seeking a public record, and since he's not an attorney, I thought I better write to you about it. Did you get it? Please send a certified copy to me with a bill for the certification.

Richard L. Koenig
Dan Atchison DAtchison@cityofsalem.net
9:20 AM (8 hours ago)

Responding letter to Richard:

Mr. Koenig:

As noted in my letter to you, city staff have been directed not to communicate with you. Any written communication from you will be directed to the City Attorney’s office. The City will not discuss your claims with you. You may continue to make comment at Salem City Council meetings during the period for “public comment,” so long as you conform with the rules of decorum at council meetings, and do not create an actual disturbance. A link to the Council Rules is provided below for your convenience. http://www.cityofsalem.net/Departments/Legal/Pages/CouncilRules.aspx

Both council or city staff have been directed not to communicate with you, and we will not engage in any discussion with you regarding your claims.

Daniel B. Atchison
City Attorney
City of Salem
Ph: 503-588-6003

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From: Richard Koenig [mailto:richardl.koenig@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2016 7:02 PM
To: manager MANAGER@cityofsalem.net; Dan Atchison DAtchison@cityofsalem.net
Subject: exactly who said the city manager can't/shouldn't talk to me (about an appointment)