My Fellow Countrymen,

I am greatly saddened to see what has happened to the gift that we gave you so many years ago. We sacrificed so much to provide you with the blessings of liberty. Many of my friends lost their homes, their fortunes and some of them even lost their lives; paying the price for the liberty you take for granted. We knew that our future generations would one day lose the liberty that we fought so hard to obtain if they did not heed our counsel and adhere strictly to the Constitution.

We knew that the Constitution would protect future generations only if they were willing to defend it. The two problems that will tend to appear are apathy and ignorance. Only an enlightened and well informed people are capable of choosing the most worthy candidates.

It is my humble prayer that a sufficient number of you will do everything in your power to reclaim the gift of liberty by taking the responsibility to study the founding documents upon which this great nation was founded.

To save our nation from tyranny, you must personally take the responsibility to educate yourself on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. You must be morally strong and eternally vigilant.