Anonymous April 23, 2015

I am one of those on the 'inside', if you will, and I am terrified of a holocaust of retribution from the people I have betrayed. I see and feel the winds of change very clearly.

This happened before when a small band of determined men of resolve rose up against the world's mightiest empire and won. The first American Revolution.

I have my ear to the ground from many sources and I don't like being a target believe me, or my family either, so I guess I'm whistle-blowing a bit.

Jade Helm is all about FEAR. Oh, we want to scare you to be sure but the truth is we are far more scared of you than you are of us. How did Viet Nam and Afghanistan drive out the world'S two biggest military powers? Sustained Guerrilla warfare.

What I have been finding out about is some of the tactics coming at us. Like the fact that there are 1000"s of fifty caliber rifles out there and one well placed bullet can down an Apache helicopter or stop an armored vehicle. Also, molotov cocktails launched by crude catapults into swarms of officers. Then the real scare is the poor man's silencer using a two liter soda bottle taped over the barrel.

I have Intel that there are killer squads ready to start killing police and politicians, bankers, etc. with 'stand down' warnings or else they will continue.

C*st, I wouldn't want to be a foreign troop in this kind of hornets’ nest, would you? The American Militia numbers around 25 million. There are two million hunters with powerful scoped sniper rifles ready to go to war for freedom.

I know the truth of what we have done and our betrayal of public trust. I guess I'm posting this out of guilt and maybe a plea for mercy when the SHTF. I know I'm not alone, too.

The ivory tower is crumbling under our feet and judgment day is dawning. May God and the people have mercy upon us.

America's response to you: Join forces with those who are on God's side to return this nation to Him. Provide information and intel to the militia while remaining in your current position so you can continue to receive and provide that information - become a double agent to help our people defend this nation. Make amends for your disloyalty and become that 'whistleblower' and prove where your loyalty NOW lies. Each one of us will answer to our Creator for the choices we make. May you make the RIGHT CHOICE.