This is what the criminal psycos in this world are destroying because we are letting them do this.
Monsanto, Acts of War chemtrails, HAARP, CONgress, BLM, DHS, CDC, and all the other alphabet regime agencies under the guise of government and authority. And the GRAND DADDY of them all, The FED and their gestapo collection agency that has murdered and destroyed millions of Americans since its inception 1913. All pretty much processed through the cesspool in the District of Criminals and all these fool candidates either haven't a clue what they are really running for or they are traitors right out of the gate unless they prove other wise once they get in. It has been self evident already who the turn coats are, so they don't have to prove anything.
The plot thickens and the hits just keep on comin.

Enjoy the film. A far cry from the Twilight Zone