Dated May 5th 2015

The continuation with the Beaverton Oregon City Counsel on the issue of Driving vs Traveling and police behaving like corporate hired thugs. A well known expert on the Oregon Motor Vehicle Code, Richard L Koenig and Ron Vrooman on the Beaverton Police People's Over Sight Committee presented their testimony all starting at 56:51 and running through to 1:10

I believe the committee was speechless after getting hit with the reality of some truth, Had nothing to say let alone any reasonable or logical response.

So, will it all just remain business as usual as far as the council is concerned, or will this be the start of some positive change for the people in the Beaverton community?
As to the answer who is it that direct the behavior and interaction of the municipal corporate police with the public is the DA from what I have gathered.

Next time you are unfortunate to have an encounter with one or more of these corporate thugs, aka, Blue Gang members, hand them the following document and ask them if they remember signing this along with their oath of office...

The battle continues. Check back for updates.