More Blue Gang aggression and violence toward the natural people.

The footage, filmed in South Gate, California shows a woman filming a group of United States Marshals on a sidewalk using her cell phone.

“I have a right to be here, you need to stay away” the woman is heard telling the officers, presumably explaining why she was filming them. She is also heard to say “I have a right as a citizen.”

One of the officers, holding an assault rifle, then slowly walks towards the woman, before charging at her, and grabbing at the phone.

The phone hits the ground with a smashing sound, and the officer kicks it aggressively at the woman, before turning away and leaving the scene.

The person filming the video from across the street is heard gasping in shock at the thug cop’s actions, as the woman notices and asks “did you record that?”

There are no further details on the video at this time.

The footage highlights the attitude police generally have to citizens recording them. Every day there are stories of police threatening and assaulting lawful Americans who hold them accountable by exercising their Constitutional right to film in public.

These cops showed up in what is clearly a well to do neighborhood, in an unmarked vehicle, armed with assault rifles. The woman filming them was clearly not impeding their activity.

The attack on her by the officer constitutes an assault.

The South Gate Police Department can be reached at (323) 563-9500, while the US Marshals Service, LA Police Department, LA Sheriff’s Department, and the California Department of Justice can be contacted at (213) 894-2485.