Once again the corporate fascist regime called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. is using it's authority,(force and violence) to rob and plunder the people of the land. First there was Waco followed by Ruby Ridge and just last year there was the Bundy Ranch. Now we have Grants Pass Oregon, where the sheriff apparently has issues with the Constitution? The people of Josephine County better wake up and wake up quick.

Josephine County, Oregon: The federal Bureau of Land Management is attempting to force gold miners off their land that they have been using for nearly 140 years. [It is reported that the BLM threatened to burn their buildings down unless the miners vacate the claim. Oathkeepers, acting as a private, volunteer security force, are gathering at the scene to try to prevent the situation from turning into a disaster like Waco. The sheriff is refusing to stand up for the miners.

SA: Used to be that the mining industry had their own rules, laws, and courts to settle issues and even their own executive branch to enforce their rules and laws until the defacto corporate fascist regime called a government moved in and took over the entire operation. I believe this was back in 1872.
You can find all the info on this and more at Turns out that this 20 acre mine is contracted as a load claim and the thug BLM is using this as part of their justification to rob and plunder and even murder innocent people under the color of law and their pay check. They have already proven themselves dedicated at Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Bundy Ranch. The claim and contract was way before the BLM, but I guess that has nothing to do with this plunder according to the gestapo. Den of corruption court date has been set for the 25th of this month, April 2015, but apparently the BLM jack boots didn't want to wait that long. They threatened to burn all the miners out if they did not vacate immediately. Would there be any wonder what would have happened if the miners and people threatened to burn down the BLM HQ and sheriff's office?

Hopefully this will be resolved on the right note before the gestapo BLM draw first blood like they always do. Their jurisdiction and authority is force and violence at the end of a barrel and they ain't got to show you no stinkin badges.