This time the Colorado Springs Blue Gang gets credit for the abuse, assault and plunder without any probable cause except for DWB, (Driving While Black) These corporate nazis in the video are just part of the 99.9% that make it dangerous for the other .1%

The footage shows officers dragging Ryan Brown out of his vehicle, while his brother, Benjamin Brown, is already out of the car being handcuffed. Officers stand around the vehicle pointing guns and Tasers at the men.

throughout the exchange, Brown remains calm, with his hands in full view, asking the officers to identify themselves and explain why they are pulling the two men over.

A cop them opens the car door, reaches in and unbuckles the seatbelt, then pulls Brown out of the car. Brown asks why he is being pulled out of the car, and the cops tell him that he “might have weapons.”

“Why are you pulling me out of the car?” Brown asks. “I have not did nothing, I have no weapons. You have no reason to pull me out of the car, this is assault.”

They force him onto his knees and push his face into the ground, still not explaining why they are using such excessive force. The recording then ends as an officer strikes at the phone.

The cops searched the two men in the back of a police vehicle and eventually issued a citation for a “cracked windshield”.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, which is assisting with the case, notes that Ryan Brown now faces a criminal charge for “interfering with official police duties.”

The ACLU is arguing that the incident was a case of racial profiling. The Colorado Springs Police Department has not commented on the case.

“It would be premature to comment,” based on the “internal investigation ongoing,” said Lt. Catherine Buckley, a police spokesw