Some say I am "obsessed" with the right to travel. I am not sure any human being can be properly "obsessed" with any human right. Perhaps if he is denied a right he will continue to strive to regain it, but "obsessed"?

I have studied the issue of "The Public Right of Way" for nearly 22 years. My study has taken place in Oregon, a laboratory state because of it's approximation geophysically, politically, economically to the entirety of the Union of States. I learned about DMV Director, David P. Moomaw's scam to include the legislature in a program to hijack the public right of way.

The court action I propose here is a result of having learned the whole story. At this point I am not sure that I can get the Oregon Supreme Court to go for it, but I'll make the effort.

There may be time for others to try the same thing and get back to me with what ever they can learn (Supreme Court or otherwise). I'm also very interested to know if other states have adopted a version of "Optional titling". Mr. Moomaw was a heavy hitter with the American Association of Highway Administrators, he was more than once "administrator of the year"

Richard L. Koenig