Oregon City Police Officer Killed after being shot in the Head!

SA: As much as I post concerning Blue Gang, aka, police, violence and brutality and how dangerous these corporate agents really are, it is still very tragic and sad to hear stories such as this. Regardless of the station this officer had, he was still a person who had loved ones, family and friends.
There is no more trust or respect for these Blue Gang members and it is quit understandable why. It seems where ever they go they leave a trail of anger and fear followed by violence, harm and death.
Just last year 2014, there was over 1200 fatal Blue Gang member shootings mostly everyone of them justified here in the good ole USA compared to Germany with 0 shootings, or Canada at 14 fatal shootings and China I believe at 2.
Why this epidemic of force, violence and out right murder by these men and women with a gun, badge, 007 license and their magic suit? What used to represent some shred of protection and safety, now SCREAMS! with force and violence.
Why this reserve Blue Gang member was shot and killed is not clear yet, but unfortunately is soon becoming the norm just as much as they shoot and kill innocent unarmed men, women and children not to mention pets every day across this country.

We have all bought into the BIG lie and now here we are killing each other off everyday.

“It is sad that many will perish believing the BIG lie, but tragic that many have and will continue to do so, defending the BIG lie. “ SA

It will continue and even get worse until the consciousness of us all raise to a higher level. In the mean time it is all just business as usual and like Bush said right after 9/11, " Don't worry folks, it all under control, just go back to shopping."