Public Notice From The Republic 2nd Notice

Friday, June 26, 2015

Arrest a criminal Commander in Chief

To: US Provost Marshall General, US Army

Dear General, Sir:

The US Congress is no longer responsive nor does it represent the American people as demonstrated most recently by the passage of TPP legislation. Other than for armed revolution, the US Military, sworn to uphold & defend the Constitution, is the last hope of the American people. This country is being destroyed by enemies within!

I hereby request, once again, that you take action against the criminal Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, (real name Barry Sotero), and bring about his arrest and detention before he can damage our dear country to any greater extent and cause World War III. Please prevent our country from becoming a presidential dictatorship!

Thank you sincerely,

Alexander Smart
United States Citizen

p.s. As a reference, I include my attached Calling Card