The arrogance if not ignorance of this city council is staggering. The "We ain't got to show you no stinkin badges," attitude is obvious and its "NEXT" and business goes on as usual. A link to Oct 6 meeting that starts with Ron Browman which ties into Richard's last 2 minutes of grace by the great leaders,
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Following by what may be the final attempt to expose some truth and light among these bad or stupid people called city council when it comes to law enforcement and who has jurisdiction and authority concerning the motor vehicle code.
Again, the unconcern and disrespect in addressing Richard each time concerning his last name has also been obvious for those who know. The same for Mr. Browman. It was short to the point for answers they still refuse to respond to or acknowledge, because they can't without admitting their guilt or misled stupidity. Their response is stone silence until the time is up and then they speak up, NEXT! and it's business as usual.

These corporate thugs seem to have no regard or acknowledgement to the statues Richard has put right in front of their face. They totally ignore it all and just keep moving along as they always do when confronted with real facts and truth.

Past meetings: