A little back ground on this particular battle for those who may not know. Those of us that do know the score and Richard, know the big issue for the past 20 years has been on the liberty of locomotion. This everyone is the whole foundation of our freedom.
Richard has had a bogus stocking order against him since 2004 by Kate Brown, present so called governor of Oregon for seeking the law that mandates the traveling public to illegally purchase a driver license, plates and stickers from the DMV.
He has been booted out of most of so called government buildings on a whim because of his quest for the truth.
About 2 months ago he was suddenly approached by 3 Salem Blue Gang members while reading in the library, and told he was being kicked out. No solid legitimate reason except they were just following their marching orders. Since this time, Richard has confronted several public officials including the Salem City council in all their glory of arrogance, have no answers and refuse to respond to any logical let alone so called legal questions. (legal for whom?) starts at 203.50

Richard has also informed most of these public official criminals of the crimes being committed against himself and the people of Oregon to find himself up against the wall with silence, lies, idiocy, ignorance and threats of harm if he continues to pursue any real answers to real honest questions.

The following is his latest response to Marion County Empire sheriff Jason Myers after a failed attempt to meet him face to face without surrendering his rights to unlawful search and seizure. I have to ask myself, do these corporate public officials really know the score or are they that dumbed down and ignorant, even when it comes to common sense.

Date: July 28, 2017
To: Jason Meyers, an illiterate cop engaging in racketeering? Marion County Sheriff’s Office
From: Richard L. Koenig, an Oregonian
In Re: Sounds like you need to consult with your attorney
Dear Jason,
When I requested the Oregon law that requires the general public who use the highway as a matter of right to obtain and carry a driver license, literate persons would comprehend that what was to be provided likely would have an Oregon Revised Statute number, “ORS” preceding the section, it also could have been “Laws of Oregon”. Your response gives the appearance that you are not well educated and need to be replaced as “Sheriff”, since everything you do is governed by law. However, I am able to read and comprehend. Therefore, I will tell you that the attorney for the Legislative Assembly, Dexter Johnson has corresponded with me in regard to this matter (please forgive me, if you assumed I was requesting a public record because I am ignorant). Each request for a public record becomes a public record, as does the response, even though it is not the requested record. This means that you may request Dexter Johnson’s response if need be, by writing and asking for his response to Richard L, Koenig’s request for a record, posed to a Representative Mary Nolan, which is dated August 18th, 2008. Dexter Johnson is responsible for getting the law out to those who need to know on a regular basis. I am well aware of his dereliction of duty to get the message out to law enforcement types, who routinely and illegally target “the general public” for trafficking violations (you’re not alone, the general public is also illiterate, owing to theft of their education required by law at ORS 336.0057 and 336.067). Dexter Johnson gives every appearance of being a member of the racketeering enterprise to which you are also a likely member. This is a test: In order to determine whether you are a member of the racketeering enterprise, you will write to Dexter Johnson to request the “public record” that he sent to me on August 18, 2008. When you receive it, you will notice that in the last paragraph there are indications that certain untoward conduct either is ongoing, or has happened. Maybe the bad guy is none other than myself, which you absolutely need to know, but it could be capitol types. Just to make sure that I don’t loose you, here is necessary information about how to tell the difference: A man who is banned from a public space is told why, nature of the action; he is instructed as to the process of appealing the ban and; he is told how long he is to be banned, no cruel and unusual punishments (except for terrorists). Ask yourself, would an attorney in a position of public trust like Dexter have any reason not to know these things? Katherine Brown got a single contact, no alarm anti-stalking protective order in 2004 against me for asking for a similar record, in writing. The capitol ban took effect in late 2005, with the only articulated cause being that a “tenant of the building” has a no contact order (Brown was a senator at that point, but there was no name mentioned or order cited). Please note the time frame which extends beyond a five year period, which is an essential ingredient of racketeering. The results of the test will be whether you, as the alleged “peace keeper” for Marion County, take any official action as a result of looking at Dexter’s response to me. Speaking of bans from public spaces, Attorney for City of Salem, Dan Atchison, took it upon himself to ban me from City premises because I asked City Counsel for, essentially, the same thing I asked of you, a “public record”, which had been put in writing to the attention of Muni Court Judge Aiken (who wrote back to say she would not provide the requested records). I am attaching a video of my most recent trip to visit with City of Salem Council, so that, if you wish, you may have a choice of tests to take. The same hints apply, are the following in evidence: nature of the action, appeal process, a statement of duration for the sanctions. What comes next is my best guess about how a legitimate “Sheriff” might handle an accusation that he is a racketeer (you could also choose this as the test). You arrange a meeting with your attorney, my attorney information resource, Dexter, and me and a few observers. We all put our cards on the table and we will all become better informed. Don’t worry, I already know that you don’t have the balls for this one. The ball is in your court! You will choose a test and let me know what it is… If you do not, you will be willfully suppressing evidence, which is adverse to the party suppressing (Oregon Evidence Code at Rule 311(c). So, thanks for the “legal advice” about consulting an attorney, and I look forward to viewing your test results.


Richard L. Koenig, an Oregonian (non-resident alien to the “United States”)
P.O. Box 1031
Sherwood, Oregon [97140]