It was just a week ago when the jack booted agency, BLM with the support of the local empire sheriff who claimed he had an issue with the Constitution, invaded the the Sugar Pine mine property with demands to vacate and threats of force and violence to burn everything down if the real owner did not comply with no due process as they have been doing for years across this giant slave plantation we call America.
There is a dog and pony show hearing scheduled on the 25th of this month, April, concerning this plunder which in my opinion is like going to the monkey guarding the banana plantation. Like all dens of corruption we call courts across this country, they are all rogue and nothing to do with any common law rights or real justice. It's called the justus system.
I question what response would be applied if the miners and people of the land threatened the BLM or sheriff's office to burn their buildings down like they do with everyone else they set their sites on.

At the present time, there is no actual stand off or any signs of force or violence. The Oath Keepers on sight are there to make sure Mr. Barclay gets his due process and the jack boots stay their distance before the dog and pony show hearing.

The jack booted BLM which is nothing more then an extended arm of force for the present corporate fascist regime we call a government, has a track record of force and violence toward anyone who does not comply with their draconian laws. They have proven this over and over again and again.
Bundy Ranch
Ruby Ridge
and years of plundering, robbing and burning out the people of the land in Josephine County, (local empire) as well as many others across this country.
Prayfully this invasion will be settled peacefully on the right side of history, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
The take over of this country is on schedule for sure and will remain business as usual until the people wake up from their coma and start taking the necessary steps to stop the madness and start addressing all the traitor criminals who have already taken over this country and our lives. (The BAR)

Oath Keepers Operation Commander Joseph Rice

Owner Rick Barclay

Idaho III Percent call to arms