This video was taken down the same day I posted it. I was just going to delete this post altogether, however the short message below will give you a peek of how serious danger our lives are really in unless we wake up and take action.

Remember, though July was mentioned in this warning and thought as yet we have not heard about massive roundups, there have been reports of the homeless being rounded up and disappearing - not seen or heard from again. The real purpose for Jade Helm was not disclosed publicly, and a second Jade Helm exercise has again been scheduled for early 2016 including the same states as the first exercise. There have been many false flags in this nation, several where it is possible people may have been removed. 150,000 disappeared at Sandy Hook. Their cell phones and cameras confiscated immediately. Answers to questions as to their wherebouts are refused. These have not been seen or heard from again. During Katrina 150,000 were murdered - many by orders of the 'US military' while on patrol. The city was cordoned off and water, food and medical supplies were REFUSED entry by the military under orders from the 'US government.' Others simply 'disappeared' with Katrina, not heard from again. Under this nations unlawful 'court system', people are sent to jail and prisons, and some 'disappear,' not to be seen or heard from again. When a rogue 'government' activates its plans, some times they start out small, feeling out the populace for their reactions and, when the people do not rise up in arms against it, then the serious business begins. Most of us are aware of the FEMA camps, the crematoriums, the guillotines, the busses and the coffins. We must make our decisions NOW - what are we going to do about this?