The Best Explanation of "The System" -- Right From the Horse's Mouth

Anna Von Retiz

Everyone please go to this link and spend five minutes to listen to this explanation of the "System"----- by the author of it's American version, Colonel House.
This explicitly and simply explains what has been done to you and how and why and by whom and when.
Be sure to read the accompanying article which further details the history, meaning, make-up, and operations of the "Federal Reserve" and the banking system as a whole.
This entire presentation is worthy of memorizing.
And so is Melvin Stamper's book, Fruit From a Poisonous Tree. He didn't get it all, but he came close--- and he explained what he did know very well.
Those who are serious about getting to the root cause of what has gone wrong in America and in the world at large need to deeply contemplate the information presented in these brief resources.

I am truly grateful to the authors/organizers of the Galactic Connection for doing such a bang-em-up job with this presentation of key information everyone in this country ought to have and know as well as they know the "Pledge of Allegiance" that Colonel House used to further indoctrinate and complete his system of feudal "pledging" and eternal debt.