Grandmother’s Skull Fractured by Cop, Cop Claims She Caused Herself to Fracture Her Own Skull for “Disobeying”

PHOENIX — A 56-old-woman was left with a fractured skull after a police officer got into an argument with her over a lottery ticket, according to reports.

Martha Winkler states that the officer used excessive violence against her that ultimately led to her skull being fractured.

Officer Jason Gillespie, of course, claims that Martha caused herself to have a fractured skull because she wasn’t following orders.

The incident began when Martha was picking up lottery tickets from a convenience store in Phoenix.

Martha says that the cashier made a mistake on her purchase, and the two got into a dispute when she did not pay.

Martha believed that the cashier was actually scamming her, and possibly other customers, by charging them for things they weren’t purchasing.

Due to this concern, she called the police to report the cashier.

When Officer Gillespie arrived, he was already angry, according to reports.

Officer Gillespie went into the store for about two minutes, then came back outside and suddenly grabbed Martha, the report states.

He “twisted her body around and jerked her arms behind her back. She thought her forearms were going to snap. Martha felt herself being pushed forward,” her lawsuit notice states.
. “It was totally unprovoked,” said Martha.

The next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital with a blackened eye, two nasal fractures, and a fractured skull.

Her attorneys noted that the location of the fractures suggest that she was punched two different times in the face.

But Officer Gillespie basically says that she did it to herself.

His report accuses her of “trespassing,” even though, according to Martha’s report, she was never asked to leave the store.

Officer Gillespie claims that he grabbed Martha’s wrist to arrest her, but she pulled away and forced him to adjust as she twisted her own body.

Then, he claims, Martha “lost her balance” and “fell in the parking lot” which caused her face to be struck by the asphalt.

“I’ve got a woman who is a 5 foot 6, 125- to 140-pound grandmother,” said Tim Casey, Martha’s attorney.

“Even if you assume trespassing, and even if you assume resisting, how in the heck could that level of force be reasonable and appropriate?” he asked.

That’s a question that jurors will be answering should the lawsuit continue to court without a settlement. Martha is asking for $625 in compensation for the violence and to cover her medical expenses.