GHW Bush is a high ranking member of the Illuminati Council of 13 with wealth far in excess of 100 Trillion he stole from America according to the tireless research of Stew Webb and many others. Stew reports H.W. Bush runs the drugs into the country and is the head of the Bush Clinton Crime syndicate. The Clintons work for Daddy Bush! Jeb Bush is also a drug dealer who runs massive narcotics into Miami according to witnesses interviewed by Stew Webb and others. Stew Webb reports he can prove all of this with detailed documentation on his website at but each time he tries to go to court, they try to kill him again! There is absolutely no justice in America because all the judges were appointed by the Bush Clinton crime syndicate and bury anything against their masters!
Anthony Lavey, son of Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey, signed an affidavit saying he witnessed both H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush at his father’s satanic sacrifices. Hear Anthony Lavey’s testimony on H.W. Bush attending satanic sacrifices in the video below and share with others to free the country of the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate detailed on

“Bush Attended my Father’s Satanic Sacrifices for the Illuminati!” – Anthony Lavey