I’m sure most of you baby boomers remember Flip Wilson,
Back in 73, Flip told one of his stories entitled, Do Ruby Magonya Ring A Bell? I won’t go into the whole story here or the so called punch line, however I remember a section of this story that was insanely hillerious at that time, but sadly and very unfortunately is so true and right on today. The dumbing down of America, (Amerkia) has been a total success.

There once lived a KING, King Magonya, who ruled the Kingdom of Magonya. That’s why it was called the Kingdom of Magonya.

One day King Magonya was addressing the people of Magonya from his perch at the castle.
All the people of the Kingdom of Magonya gathered outside the castle cheering for King Magonya. “Ye King Magonya, Ye King Magonya!”

King Magonya began his speech, “All those who have anything, it shall be taken away.” The people cheered, “Ye King Magonya, Ye King Magonya!”

“AND all those who have nothing shall have even less.” And the people continued their cheering, “Ye King Magonya, Ye King Magonya”

The following will validate my observation.....

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