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SA: Just a quick note for all of you in Oregon to let you know that your 2 wonderful senators, Wyden and Merkley both voted against auditing the FED. Isn't that special?

An historic vote has just taken place in the U.S. Senate which amounts to nothing less than treason. By a vote of 53 to 44 the Senate voted to reject auditing the Federal Reserve. That means there are at the very least 44 traitors in the Senate who have revealed their true loyalties. Where were the other three non-voting senators, especially Ted Cruz.

The Federal Reserve Banking System currently functions as an international crime syndicate foisting its monetary dictates upon the USA and beyond. It has always operated under the veil of complete secrecy because of the fraudulent banking practices and manipulative monetary policy that it conducts on a daily basis.

In other words if there is one bank that requires a massive audit, and subsequent overhaul, it is the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). It may even be that the FED needs to be shut down … forever! In that way the U.S. Department of Treasury can rightfully take back its fiduciary responsibilities to the American people.

Then there is the proverbial sixty-four thousand dollar question. Who really owns the FED? Some of the best financial sleuths of all time have tried to figure that one out … and even they aren’t close to findng out who the TRUE owners are.

When the American people don’t even know who their real bankers are, something is very wrong. Is it any wonder that they (the moneychangers) are now universally known across the Internet as the 'banksters'?

The Federal Reserve has been forced to execute their treasonous schemes under the cloak of utter secrecy. Only is this way have they succeeded in bankrupting the U.S. Government, Inc.

However, the original American constitutional republic that was established by the U.S. Constitution, is not liable for the upwards of $19 trillion national debt.

The Federal Reserve Bank actually is for the fraud that they have perpetrated on the USA since its very inception. By the way, is the federal debt really only $19,000,000,000,000?

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