Customers complain of graham crackers with stinky smell

We all know what graham crackers are supposed to smell and taste like – sweet and crunchy. But some people who’ve recently purchased Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers are complaining about a strange smell and terrible taste.

Dozens of complaints from across the country are posted on People are also venting on Twitter using the hashtag

Many report a “strong chemical odor” similar to “paint fumes.” Some use the word “rancid” to describe both the taste and smell. A few people say they felt sick after eating the crackers. Many vow never to buy the product again.

Mondelēz Global, the company that owns Nabisco, said it's aware of complaints about some batches of their Honey Maid low-fat graham crackers.

A company spokesperson would not say whether any of those complaints involved people who said they had gotten sick after eating the crackers.

“Our quality team is engaged and currently investigating this matter,” said spokesperson Laurie Guzzinati.

When asked if the company had any plans to recall the product, Guzzinati said: “We believe this to be a food quality issue and not a food safety issue.”