US Senate Report: Chem-trails Are Real And Deadly....

William Mount
Sun Oct 25, 2015

A 1978 US Senate Report confirms that the US Government is creating Chem-trails and they are killing us.

The 93rd US Senate produced a report almost 40 years ago that clearly states the following on page 402:

1) Cloud Seeding Is responsible for the 5 year drought

2) Isolated Spraying has caused a drought for 18 years

3) Spraying in the South Atlantic has reduced rainfall by 30%
on the East Coast

4) This has caused huge losses to the Farmers in the area

5) When the effects of seeding wear off Cloudbursts cause flooding

6) Seeding is responsible for serious Air Pollution

7) Mental Retardation and Insanity are traceable to Cloud Seeding Chemicals

8) Poisoning of all living matter is directly related to cloud seeding

9) Emphysema is three times higher in areas of heavy cloud seeding

10) Cancer is virulently out of proportion

11) Financial Losses to agriculture run into the billions of dollars a year

12) Forest Trees and orchids are dying as a result

13) The atmosphere has been rendered completely biologically in-compatible with all living matter, including Animals, Plants and Humans.

The report also state the United States is the leader in World Weather Modification, although other nations like the Soviet Union are also conducting these activities as well.

Here it is - the Smoking Gun.

Watch the video and see the US Senate Report.

US Senate Report: Chemtrails Are Real And Harming You -