Verdict and Sentence: Genocide in Canada

Official Communique from The Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata
April 6, 2015


An Urgent Directive to all Sheriffs and Peace Officers of the Republic, and their Direct Action Groups (DAG's):
Arrest the Convicted War Criminals on our Land!

Thirty men and women – all of them officials of church and state, plus one corporate CEO – were lawfully convicted in February, 2013 of committing or concealing unspeakable Crimes against Humanity across Kanata, including the torture, trafficking and killing of children. These guilty individuals were all sentenced to twenty five years in prison or permanent banishment from Kanata.

It is now the job of all Republican Sheriffs and citizens to immediately arrest and detain or banish these guilty criminals, who are wanted felons and Public Enemies under the law. You will be acting under the authority and warrants of the High Court of Justice of the Republic.
A complete dossier of these convictions and court order will be provided to you as part of your training for this mission. The names and locations of the guilty are listed below. The Arrest Warrant issued against each party by the Republic's High Court of Justice will be provided to you upon completion of your training.

The guilty parties include heads of state like Elizabeth Windsor, Stephen Harper and Joseph Ratzinger, officials of the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, RCMP officers, and lower level functionaries.

Arrest Procedure

Upon receiving the High Court of Justice Arrest Warrant, Republic Sheriffs and their citizen-based Direct Action groups will apprehend the convicted party named in the Warrant and declare them to be under arrest. The following statement will then be read to them in front of at least three witnesses, and filmed and broadcast for posterity:

“(Name of Apprehended party), you have been lawfully convicted of committing or concealing crimes against humanity on the soil of Kanata, and accordingly have been sentenced to twenty five years in prison or permanent banishment from Kanata. You are hereby declared to be a public enemy. As an officer of the Republic of Kanata, and acting under the authority of the court's verdict, and of this Warrant of the High Court of Justice of the Republic of Kanata, I hereby order you to immediately comply with this Warrant and either surrender yourself to me for incarceration, or leave our country immediately, and never return. If you fail to comply with this Warrant, harsher measures will be taken against you. Do you understand what I have said to you and will you comply?”

If the party complies, he or she will be led away by you and taken to the border for deportation. More likely, they will ignore or deny the Warrant and their guilt, in which case you will respond,

“You have twenty four hours to comply with this Warrant.”

After 24 hours, you will return with others in your DAG and enforce the Warrant.

You may approach local police, deputize them as common law peace officers, and seek their assistance in the arrests.

The DAG that accompanies you must consist of at least five people, including a videographer to record the event, and someone to act as a liaison with the press, or with the police or other security if they try to intervene.

We will be holding specific training workshops in the weeks ahead to prepare you and your DAG for this mission. Contact us directly for more information.

with our thanks,

Colin Sullivan, Secretary, on behalf of the Provisional Council

A List of the “Dirty Thirty”: The Convicted War Criminals of Kanata

Name, Position, Last Known Location:

  1. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Ottawa

  2. Joseph Ratzinger, former “pope”, Rome

  3. Elizabeth Windsor, “queen of england”, London, England

  4. Pedro Lopez Quintana , Vatican Nun​c​io to Canada, Ottawa

  5. Fred Hiltz, Primate, Anglican Church in Canada Toronto

  6. Bob Bennett, Anglican Bishop, Huron Diocese, London, Ontario

  7. Nora Sanders, General Secretary, United Church of Canada, Etobicoke, Ontario

  8. Murray Sinclair, Chairman, “truth and reconciliation commission” Winnipeg

  9. John Milloy, Officer, “truth and reconciliation commission" , Peterborough, Ontario

  10. Gary Paterson, Moderator, United Church of Canada (UCC), Etobicoke

  11. Jon Jessiman, Lawyer, United Church of Canada, Delta, B.C.

  12. Marion Best, Former Moderator, UCC, Toronto

  13. Brian Thorpe, Official, UCC, Etobicoke

  14. Bill Howie, Official, UCC , Victoria

  15. Art Anderson, Official, UCC , Vancouver

  16. Foster Freed, UCC clergy, Parksville, BC

  17. Phil Spencer, UCC clergy, Qualicum Beach, BC

  18. John Cashore, Former B.C. government minister, Coquitlam, BC

  19. Peter Montague, RCMP Inspector, Vancouver

  20. Robert Paulson, Former RCMP Superintendent, Ottawa

  21. Terry Whyte, Former UCC clergy, Port Alberni

  22. Ron Huinink, Lawyer, Vancouver

  23. Daniel Fulton, Former CEO, Weyerhauser Ltd., Seattle

  24. Sean Atleo, Former Chief, Assembly of First Nations, Ottawa

  25. Bill Montour, CEO, Six Nations Confederacy, Brantford, Ontario

  26. Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, Superior General, Jesuit Order, Rome

  27. Tarcisio Bertone, Cardinal, Rome

  28. Angelo Sodano, Cardinal, Rome

  29. Angela Bognasco, Cardinal, Genoa

  30. Rowan Williams, Former Archbishop of Canterbury, London, England

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For as long as even one hundred of us remain alive, we shall never submit to the rule of the English Crown. For in truth it is not for honors, nor for riches, nor for glory that we fight, but for liberty, for that alone, which no honest man surrenders except with life itself.
- The Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland, 1320